Quoted in The Paper of Record

18 August 2018

The Ronell case that’s currently attracting headlines is rather bizarre, but it has some deep roots—and those I have something to say about. Read NYT columnist Ginia Bellafante’s take here.

Teaching a Professional Development Workshop at Princeton

12 April 2018

If you were following me (I mean, physically following me) and wondering why I kept driving to Princeton during this past fall and spring, it was to teach a professional development seminar, “American Higher Education: History and Challenges,” to a core group of graduate students there, together with various faculty and administrators who also attended. The Princeton Graduate School reported on it here. (Also, I suggest you try following me on twitter instead. It burns less gas.)

Talking back to Damon Runyon

27 March 2018

And so it appears that I appear on March 28th at the The Actors Company Theater after an amusing theater production called Three Wise Guys which is based on the writings of Damon Runyon to do what is called a talkback after the show. I am not in the habit of engaging in such manner of activities, but I have no doubt that all of the citizens on hand have a good time. If you like to be one of them, you look here for further details.